Evogen Cell KEM (440g)


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Evogen Cell KEM + Dolphin Fitness Stainless Steel Shaker
  • Stainless Steel, Light-Weight, Reliable and Strong
Evogen Cell KEM (440g)Dolphin Fitness Stainless Steel Shaker (739 ml)
Evogen Cell KEM + Reflex Beta Alanine
  • Support higher intensity exercise to be sustained for longer
Evogen Cell KEM (440g)Reflex Beta Alanine (250g)
Evogen Cell KEM + Efectiv Glutamine Plus
  • Helps immune system function during & after physical exercise
  • Pharmaceutical grade L-Glutamine
  • Added 200mg of Vitamin C
  • Save an additional 5%
Evogen Cell KEM (440g)Efectiv Glutamine Plus (400g)
Evogen Cell KEM + Creatine
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Evogen Cell KEM (440g)

Evogen Cell K.E.M. is and elite mass and recovery catalyst. It is a precisely formulated, high-performance nutrition supplement designed to address the key factors that impact muscle growth and recovery following high-intensity training.

Evogen Cell KEM contains ingredients of the highest strength, highest purity and solubility for maximum impact and effectiveness.

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    Evogen Cell KEM (440g)


    • 4-1-1 Growth Acceleration Complex
      • Pharmaceutical Grade, Fermented, Ultra-Soluble BCAA complex; Leucine (FUSIL), Isoleucine, Valine - 4-1-1 anabolic ratio
      • Recent research has suggested the impact of Leucine as the "anabolic catalyst" because of its direct role in stimulating protein synthesis by activating the anabolic pathway, mTOR. Leucine stimulates the internal cascade of events that may ultimately result in greater muscle acquisition. In combination with the other two branched-chain amino acids (BCAA's) isoleucine and valine, Leucine has been surmised to trigger anabolism during intense training. BCAA supplementation has also been suggested to play a role in the stimulation of hormones. Evogen Cell KEM combines FUSIL and high-grade isoleucine and valine, in a 4-1-1 anabolic ratio designed to maximize the anabolic impact of FUSIL
      • FUSIL is pharmaceutical grade, Fermented, Ultra-Soluble Leucine available exclusively from Evogen Nutrition.
    • Recovery Augmenting/Anti-Catabolic/Anti-Oxidant Complex
      • Evogen Cell KEM contains several key nutrients suggested to enhance recovery and scavenge cell-damaging metabolic waste products. High-grade glutamine and L-Glutamine AKG are key anti-catabolic and recovery augmenting agents of the highest purity.This specific detoxifying matrix is designed to relieve systemic metabolic load to promote recovery from the potential cellular trauma caused by the rigors of hard-training and restrictive contest dieting.The nutrient base of Cell K.E.M includes Resveratrol.
    • Osmotic Expansion/ATP-Enhancing Complex
      • One of Cell KEM unique properties is it's volumizing capability. Like its lock-and-key counterpart, EVP, the Elite Pre-Workout Solution, Cell KEM's ultra-soluble formula contains powerful cytoplasmic expansion agents and nutrient drivers including creatine gluconate, L-Norvaline, arginine AKG and Resveratrol, designed to load muscle cells with growth- and recovery-enhancing nutrients. Evogen Cell KEM unique cellular expansion properties maximize muscle volume and nutrient delivery at the most critical time - immediately post-workout. Cell KEM ATP regenerating components, including citrulline malate and creatine gluconate, support the Kreb's cycle and replenish cellular energy substrates to refuel muscle contraction, which may help athletes to return to the gym, the field or the training mat quicker.
    • Electrolyte Infusion/Hyper-Hydration Complex
      • Recovery is arguably the most-overlooked or misunderstood component of any athlete's nutritional program. Until recently, the supplement industry has done little to address what could be the single most important component of the athlete's nutritional protocol. That's where Evogen Nutrition is, again, ahead of the rest.
      • In recent years, the supplement industry has focused on developing products that support an athlete's performance from the pre-workout standpoint, based on any of several stimulant-laden or sugar-based pre-workout products. But precious little headway has been made into understanding the process of recovery and anabolism in the critical, immediate, post-workout phase...until now!
      • The Pro-Creator, Hany Rambod, CEO Evogen Nutrition and bodybuilding's top contest prep guide, knows that the time immediately following training is critical. The impact of intense training on the body's internal biochemical environment results in one of two scenarios - anabolism or catabolism. Cell K.E.M., Evogen Nutrition's Elite Mass & Recovery Formula, is your nutritional insurance policy to help support your body's anabolic pathway.

    Serving Information

    • Container Size: 440 g
    • Serving Size: 11 g
    • Servings Per Container: 40

    Nutritional Information Per Serving

    • Energy: 0 kcal
    • Total Carbohydrate: 0 g
      • of which Sugar: 0 g
    • Sodium: 155 mg
    • Potassium: 78 mg

    Amounts Per Serving

    • Ascorbic Acid: 250 mg
    • Calcium: 50 mg
    • Thiamine: 0.07 mg
    • Riboflavin: 1.7 mg
    • Niacin: 5 mg
    • Pyridoxine: 6 mg
    • Phosphorus: 110 mg
    • Magnesium: 48 mg
    • Cell K.E.M. Cellular Kinetic Expansion Matrix: 10 g
      • 4-1-1 Growth Acceleration Complex: Pharmaceutical Grade, Fermented, Ultra-Soluble BCAA Complex (Leucine (FUSIL), Isoleucine, Valine - 4)
      • Recovery Augmenting/Anti-Catabolic/Anti-Oxidant Complex: Pharmaceutical Grade Glutamine, Ascorbic Acid, Resveratrol, L-Glutamine Alpha Ketoglutarate, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacinamide, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride
      • Osmotic Expansion/ATP-Enhancing Complex: Arginine Alpha Keto-Glutarate, Creatine Gluconate, Citruline Malate, L-Norvaline
      • Electrolyte Infusion/Hyper Hydration Complex: Sodium Citrate, Di-Potassium Phosphate, Di-Calcium Phosphate, Tri-Magnesium

    Other Ingredients

    • Natural And Artificial Fruit Punch Flavor, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium, Citric Acid, FD&C Red #40 Lake

    Recommended Use

    • Consume recommended dose immediately after training, on an empty stomach.
    • Mix with 4-6 oz cold water per scoop.
    • Wait at least 20-30 minutes before consuming any typical post-workout protein shake or meal.
    • For best results, use within 60 days of breaking the seal.
    • For 100-150lb athlete: 1.0 scoop
    • For 150-200lb athlete: 1.5 scoops
    • For 200+ athlete: 2 Scoops.

    Evogen Cell KEM (440g) review



    Review posted on 29 Jul 2014

    All I can say about Cell KEM is it's amazing.

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    Review posted on 14 Feb 2012

    Great product. Have seen best growth and quickest recovery. Wortht the money you spent on it.

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