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Vitamins are organic compounds that can only be attained through the diet and are vital for almost every function in the body. As supplements. vitamins often come in blended or singular forms depending on what their applications are or to make up any deficiencies in the diet.
A mineral is defined as an inorganic compound that has a specific chemical formula. Numerous minerals are required by the body for a multitude of functions and can only be consumed through the diet.
Oils can be found in numerous forms but an oil is simply a neutral viscous compound that is hydrophobic and lipophilic which means oils will not mix with water but will mix with other oils. Dietary oils are typically excellent sources of fats which can be used in food preparation or taken as supplements.
Anti-oxidants are compounds that are found widely in fruits and vegetables. The main action of anti-oxidants is to scavenge oxidised free radicals from the body and excrete them. Some anti-oxidants show a particularly strong effect on certain organs and processes in the body making them of great benefit to overall health.
Superfood is a blanket term used to describe natural food sources which are especially high in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants as well as providing digestive support. There are many superfoods that can be added to the diet as stand-alones or superfood formulas which provide many different superfoods into a single supplement.
A healthy digestive system is essential for general health and ensures that all of the nutrition you consume is absorbed and utilised efficiently. Poor digestive health can be caused by numerous factors which is why we have a selection of supplements designed to address problems from a lack of fibre, to low beneficial bacteria counts.
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Pharma Nord - Lady PreloxPharma Nord
Lady Prelox
Rainforest Foods - Acai Berry PowderRainforest Foods
Acai Berry Powder
Rainforest Foods - Cacao NibsRainforest Foods
Cacao Nibs
Rainforest Foods - Chia SeedsRainforest Foods
Chia Seeds
Rainforest Foods - Chlorella 500 mgRainforest Foods
Chlorella 500 mg
Rainforest Foods - Maca Root PowderRainforest Foods
Maca Root Powder
Rainforest Foods - Spirulina 500 mgRainforest Foods
Spirulina 500 mg
Rainforest Foods - Spirulina PowderRainforest Foods
Spirulina Powder
Rainforest Foods - Wheatgrass 500 mgRainforest Foods
Wheatgrass 500 mg
Rainforest Foods - Wheatgrass PowderRainforest Foods
Wheatgrass Powder
Udos Choice - Super 8 GoldUdos Choice
Super 8 Gold
Veganicity - Omega-3 DHA:EPAVeganicity
Omega-3 DHA:EPA
Veganicity - Red CloverVeganicity
Red Clover
Veganicity - Whole GrapeVeganicity
Whole Grape
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BioCare Children's Complete Complex (150g)
Price: £ 11.95
Normally: £ 16.50
Floradix Magnesium (250 ml)
Price: £ 6.50
Normally: £ 9.09
Nourkrin Shampoo and Scalp Cleanser (150 ml)
Price: £ 7.95
Normally: £ 12.95
Equazen Children's Liquid (1 x 200 ml)
Price: £ 6.65
Normally: £ 10.80
Protexin Bio-Kult Infantis (16 Sachets)
Price: £ 8.99
Normally: £ 11.95
Efamol Efalex Brain Formula (240 Capsules)
Price: £ 14.35
Normally: £ 20.99
Vitabiotics Pregnacare Conception (30 Tablets)
Price: £ 7.59
Normally: £ 10.16
Vitabiotics Wellman Conception (30 Tablets)
Price: £ 6.85
Normally: £ 10.16
Zita West Vital DHA (60 Capsules)
Price: £ 10.95
Normally: £ 15.50
Floradix (84 Tablets)
Price: £ 6.95
Normally: £ 10.95
BetterYou DLux 3000 (1 x 15 ml)
Price: £ 5.95
Normally: £ 7.95
Comvita UMF 15+ Manuka Honey (250g)
Price: £ 32.20
Normally: £ 42.99
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