Oh Yeah! Bars (12 Bars)


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Oh Yeah! Bars + Kinetica Essential 4
  • Multivitamin support formula
  • B vitamins for energy metabolism
Oh Yeah! Bars (12 Bars)Kinetica Essential 4 (120 Tablets)

Oh Yeah! Bars (12 Bars)

No pain, no gain should define your training - not your protein bar! So reward your workout with the gooey, sweet taste of OhYeah! Containing 26-28 grams of muscle-building protein, heart-healthy fats, low sugar and absolutely no trans fats in a bar that's nothing short of amazing. More than just another flavorless brick, OhYeah! looks and eats like a real candy bar that's so good you'll know how it got its name. OhYeah! - It's that good!

Developing high protein bars that taste great can be relatively easy, that is if you don’t mind using a lot of sugary syrups, conventional fats or lower quality proteins. These ingredients work well because they allow the bars to not only taste good, but also make them less likely to get hard over time. So what makes OhYeah! bars taste great and deliver numerous health benefits for body-conscious consumers? Let’s start with one of the most significant differences in these bars…

Because OhYeah! bars were developed with body conscious consumers in mind, it was critical to look at the dietary habits of successful fitness enthusiasts. From the available information the aim became crystal clear - create a bar that can keep blood sugar levels stable (low insulin output) and also provide a high level of taste and hunger satisfaction. ISS Research knew that their bars needed to have quality protein and essential fats, primarily from whole food sources such as nuts, as well as a low amount of impact sugars.

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Almond Fudge Brownie
Chocolate & Caramel
Chocolate Caramel Candies
Cookie Caramel Crunch
Creamy Vanilla & Caramel
Peanut Butter & Caramel
Peanut Butter & Strawberry
    Oh Yeah! Bars (12 Bars)
    Oh Yeah! Bars

    Serving Information

    • Container Size: 1 Box (12 Bars)
    • Serving Size: 1 Bar (85 g)
    • Servings Per Container: 12

    Nutritional Information Per Serving

    • Energy: 380 kcal
    • Protein: 26 g
    • Total Carbohydrates: 31 g
      • of which Sugars: 8 g
      • of which Dietary Fiber: 4 g
    • Fat: 19 g
      • of which Saturates: 7 g
      • of which Trans: 0 g
    • Cholesterol: 5 mg
    • Sodium: 130 mg

    ISS Research Oh Yeah! Bar

    • Nuts - The Fitness Food That’s Come Of Age
      • ISS Research chose to use nuts as the major source of fat in their bars because they are not processed, contain fiber and deliver sustained energy; in fact 65% of all fat in an OhYeah! bar comes from nuts. All of these attributes play a key role in keeping insulin levels low, sustaining energy and delivering a tremendous taste experience and maximum hunger satisfaction.
      • One of the most unexpected recent nutritional discoveries is that people who frequently eat nuts appear to enjoy dramatically improved health. As far back as 1992 researchers working on the Adventist Health Study at Loma Linda University in California reported that those eating nuts daily had up to 60% fewer heart attacks than those who ate nuts less than once per month. Another noteworthy study has shown that nut eating greatly lowers the risk of heart disease. Prior to the media reporting on these results, traditional nutritional advice had usually been to minimize nut consumption on the grounds that they were a "fatty" food. The question still remained - what quantity of nuts should be eaten for health benefits? We all now know from numerous studies that 30 to 60 grams of nuts should be consumed daily to gain the maximum benefits shown. The amount of nuts in two OhYeah! bars are approximately 25 grams, making them a delicious way to get these health benefits, but there’s more.
    • Stay Lean With Snacks That Provide Healthy Sustained Energy
      • Many consumers might worry that they will put on weight by eating more nuts because nuts contain mostly fat (albeit good, essential and healthy). While it’s true that 15 grams (or 1/2 ounce) of most nuts contain about 135 calories, the most current research has shown that nuts do not seem to cause weight gain. For example in a large study conducted in 2002, frequent nut consumers were actually a little thinner on average than those who almost never consumed nuts, and daily supplements of almonds or peanuts for six months resulted in little or no increase in body weight. This data supports the notion that nuts appear to satisfy hunger sufficiently well to appropriately reduce the consumption of other food. Given the information so far, it’s easy to see the product development team that created OhYeah! was on the right track. Then again, the protein components at the core of the OhYeah! bar is what makes it truly a fitness phenomenon.
    • Oh Yeah! Bars - Packed With Premium Protein For The Athlete In All Of Us
      • One of the primary functions for adding healthy snacks to your eating plan is to allow you to take full advantage of the numerous fitness benefits associated with increased meal frequency. In fact, leading sports nutritionists were the first to expose the false belief that eating just three “square meals” per day can support optimal performance. Today we now know that eating more often, up to five or six meals per day, provides a wide range of benefits that help active individuals reach even higher fitness levels. Frequent eating revs up the metabolism due to food’s “thermic” effect and helps maintain peak energy levels by aiding blood-sugar balance which in turn promotes improved body composition. Further, by ingesting protein at each meal you can take full advantage of the metabolism-boosting effect of food (since protein intake burns the most calories) and provides your muscle cells with a constant supply of amino acids.
    • It’s not by chance that at the core of the OhYeah! bar is a premium blend of functional protein. The OhYeah! premium protein complex contains three extremely functional and diverse ingredients
      • Cross-Flow Micro-Filtered Whey Isolate supplies the highest levels of di-, tri-, and oligo-whey peptides, including over 10% immunoglobulins (vital antibodies which support a balanced, healthy immune response).
      • Milk Protein Isolates and Concentrates contain the natural balance of whey and casein that nature intended and offer excellent digestibility and uptake into working muscle cells , .
      • Casein protein offers a “time-released” effect and in several studies has proven to maximize absorption efficiency, and protein synthesis , , . High quality casein behaves like tissue protein (chicken, beef, etc.) because it congeals in the stomach and the breakdown process elicits a time-release effect on protein synthesis.
      • As the company behind OhYeah! ISS Research hope their commitment to you, the consumers, is plain to see. ISS realize you have many choices when it comes to purchasing products to improve your health and fitness, and want to earn your trust. Just like you they believe pursuing better health and fitness is “serious business” - as long as the road to victory is sweet.

    Oh Yeah! Bars (12 Bars) review


    best bar none

    Review posted on 06 Sep 2016

    best bar ive tried tastes great ,fills you up between meals ,buy em

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    Pb & Caramel do not disapoint.

    Review posted on 22 Dec 2014

    All of the oh yeah! bars taste really good, but these are probably my favorite.Really nice peanut butter taste and loads of crunchy peanuts make this a treat, or great meal replacement. The only reason I'm not giving the full 5 stars is the somewhat extensive ingredients list, which could be cleaner.

    Overall rating:

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    Better than a lot of normal chocolate bars!

    Review posted on 23 Oct 2014

    I really like the cookie caramel crunch bars and would rather eat one of them than a normal chocolate bar! They have 340 calories so a lot more than the victory bars but it's almost worth it for the taste. I have tried chocolate caramel that has 380 calories and 26g of protein but I much prefer the taste of the cookie caramel crunch which has 340 calories and 28g of protein.

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    OH Yes !!

    Review posted on 25 Sep 2014

    These bars are amazing !. I have tried all of the flavours and they are all equally as good. There is not another protein bar on the market that could match these for taste satisfaction and price.

    Overall rating:
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    Oh yeah!!!

    Review posted on 30 Oct 2013

    Couldn't wait to get in the gym just to treat myself with an oh yeah bar! They taste like no other protein bars, they taste just as good, if not better, than a lot of candy bars!

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    Review posted on 24 Jul 2013

    We are all hooked onto the Oh yeah bars. All the flavours are great. Favourite at the moment is the Chocolate caramel candies bar

    Overall rating:
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    Amazing bar

    Review posted on 30 May 2013

    Taste is OUTSTANDING !!!!!

    Overall rating:
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    Best tasting protein bars by far!

    Review posted on 17 Aug 2012

    Oh yeah, these protein bars taste great and are packed with 25g of the stuff. I can't stop eating these, the first bars that actually taste good. These are great when trying to eat clean/cut body fat and times you crave chocolate - Eating this is not going to negatively impact your goals. I've tried a few flavours and like Almond Fudge Brownie the best.

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    Review posted on 19 Jun 2012

    Taste great, really filling and good value for money

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    love it

    Review posted on 07 Jun 2012

    I bought the Peanut butter Bars and love it! fills me up! but I am getting bored of the taste! I'm going for chocolate and caramel this time around! it fills me up before going gym or after a night out!

    Overall rating:
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    Best protein bar ever

    Review posted on 14 May 2012

    I have had a lot of different bars but this one takes the ticket! The web site is also one of the best I have ever used. Free delivery and super fast. I will defo be restocking with these guys again.

    Overall rating:
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