Mental Fitness FAQ

Mental Fitness FAQ

Can exercise really improve my mood?Can exercise really improve my mood?

Yes. Just taking a brisk walk three times a week may help you recover faster from depression, reduce its severity, and even ward off the blues in the first place. Hundreds of studies have found that exercise can help relieve physical and emotional symptoms in clinically depressed people.

Others have found that people who work out regularly, whether they're young or old, tend to have better self-esteem and fewer physical and mental health problems.

How does exercise help relieve depression?How does exercise help relieve depression?

Just focusing your mind and body on a rhythmic activity can help relieve anxiety. Exercise is a great stress-buster, too, not only because it relieves muscle tension but also because it gets your heart rate up. The combination makes you more relaxed and alert and, therefore, better able to deal with your problems. Plus, it does you a lot more good to take out your frustrations on the running machine than on your spouse or coworkers.

What kind of exercise is best for improving my mood?What kind of exercise is best for improving my mood?

There's no evidence that any one kind of exercise is best. Most studies have looked at running or other aerobic activities. But studies that have also compared the effects of low-intensity activities, such as walking, and nonaerobic workouts, such as weight training, have found that these types of exercise are equally effective in reducing anxiety and depression.

Keep Your Commitment To Your WorkoutKeep Your Commitment To Your Workout

Commitment is an agreement or pledge to do something in the future. It is a state or an instance of being obligated or emotionally impelled. Your foundation to transformation is commitment. The truth is only one-third of those who begin an exercise program are still exercising by the end of their first year.

No More Excuses For Not Working OutNo More Excuses For Not Working Out

I Have No Time

I am sure every single one of you has used more than once this excuse. So old but still so popular. It's true thought that most of us lead very busy lives. That is why we have to keep in mind that exercise can be effective even if we don't spent hours every day working out. Five, 10 or 15 minutes can provide benefits to your health. Time is on your side no matter how much or how little you have -- make it count!

How can I reduce stress?How can I reduce stress?

It may seem impossibly difficult to adjust the stress-causing aspects of your lifestyle, but a practical evaluation of your situation may show that improving your ability to cope with stress takes less effort as you might have thought.

Review the advice below with an eye towards what works with your lifestyle, and you may be on your way to reducing stress at home and work.

How Can I Improve The Quality Of My Sleep?How Can I Improve The Quality Of My Sleep?

Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to sleep. Tossing and turning. Your mind is racing, going over everything that happened today. Night noises keep you awake. What can you do? There are things you can do!

Read on and learn some new tricks to sleep well. These tips are also known as "Sleep Hygiene."

Quit Smoking NowQuit Smoking Now

Mark Twain said, "Quitting smoking is easy. I've done it a thousand times." Maybe you've tried to quit too. Why is quitting and staying quit hard for so many people? The answer is nicotine. Nicotine is a drug found naturally in tobacco. It is highly addictive – as addictive as heoin or cocaine. Over time, the body becomes both physically and psychologically dependent on nicotine. Studies have shown that smokers must overcome both of these addictions to be successful at quitting and staying quit.

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