MHP A-Bomb (224 Tablets)

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MHP A-Bomb (224 Tablets)

A-Bomb is the world's first ever multi-pathway anabolic gene activator with an exclusive pharmaceutical 'Continuous Infusion' Delivery for Unequalled Permanent Gains in Muscle Mass!

A-Bomb is, without question, the most exciting development in the science of muscle growth. It is the first supplement to trigger your genetic muscle building machinery from multiple pathways and synergistic anabolic actions. A-Bomb's highly researched ingredients work at the DNA level through non-hormonal signal transduction by manipulating key muscle growth regulators mTOR, PKB, p70s6k, 4E-BP1, FOXO and MAFbx. A-Bomb maximizes this process through two critical pathways. The first pathway is the nutrient dependent pathway, in which A-Bomb uses specific amino acids and nutrients to modulate signaling through pathways traditionally triggered by hormones.

The second pathway is the 'insulin dependent pathway', in which A-Bomb has the unique ability to mediate the release of insulin without raising blood sugar. Simultaneously signaling these pathways allows for maximum gene activation at the DNA level to turn on the muscle building process. A-Bomb even goes a step further to improve muscle gene activation by up-regulating your DNA's central control system.

In addition to its critical role at the genetic level, A-Bomb's unique ability to augment a controlled, steady release of insulin creates the ideal insulinotropic anabolic environment, increasing protein synthesis to stimulate muscle growth. A-Bomb also induces muscle hypertrophy through a very powerful anabolic mechanism called Intracellular Osmolarity (IO), which creates an anabolic reaction within the muscle cell. Interestingly, Intracellular Osmolarity works both independently as well as synergistically to mTOR signal transduction. So, not only is Intracellular Osmolarity anabolic in itself, it will further enhance gene expression.

Continuous infusion fuels muscle growth long after your workout with a patented 12 hour metered dose technology. In order to make huge, steady gains in muscle mass, you need to remain in an anabolic / anti- catabolic state. MHP's R&D team has developed a pharmaceutical 12 Hour Metered Dose Technology that mimics the IV Continuous Infusion Technique used by biotech companies to elicit the best anabolic response and stimulate muscle growth. The 12 Hour Metered Dose Technology in A-Bomb forces you into a highly anabolic muscle building state... all day, every day!

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    MHP A-Bomb (224 Tablets)


    • Increases protein synthesis and promotes new muscle growth.
    • Reduces exercise induced muscle wasting and scavenges ammonia for improved recovery.
    • Super-hydrates muscle tissue to help maximize muscle cell volume and strength.

    Serving Information

    • Container Size: 224 Tablets
    • Serving Size: 4 Tablets
    • Servings Per Container: 56

    Amounts Per Serving

    • Vitamin A (100% as beta carotene): 1665 IU
    • Multi-Pathway Anabolic Gene Activators with Insulinotropic and Intracellular Osmolarity Optimizers: 4504 mg
      • L-Leucine-ketoisocaproic acid
      • L-IsoLeucine-ketoisocaproic acid
      • L-Valine-ketoisocaproic acid
      • HMB (Beta-Hydroxy Beta-MethylButyrate)
      • AKG (Alpha-Ketoglutarate)
      • GKG (Glutamine Alpha-Ketoglutarate)
      • L-Alanine
      • N-(Aminoiminomethyl)-N-methyl-glycine
      • L-Phenylalanine
    • DNA Remodeling Agents: 75 mg
      • RNA (Ribonucleic acid)
      • Uncaria tomentosa
      • Beta-Carotene (9CI)

    Other Ingredients

    • Stearic Acud, Film Coating (Polyvinyl Alcohol, Titanium Dioxide, polyethylene Glycol, Talc), Microcrystaline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Silica, Hydroxypropyl Cellulose, Guar Gum, Vegetable Stearin

    Recommended Use

    • As dietary supplement, take 4 tablets in the morning and 4 tablets in the evening.


    • What does it do?
      • A-Bomb is a maximum strength anabolic agent fused with a continuous infusion delivery system. A-Bomb supplies the most critical muscle-building agents, promotes protein synthesis and hydrates muscle tissue to support maximum muscle cell volume and strength.
    • How does it work?
      • A-Bomb triggers multiple anabolic actions while simultaneously reducing catabolism during and after intense exercise and weight training. A-Bomb has the unique ability to augment a controlled steady release of insulin, which will promote protein synthesis to stimulate muscle growth for up to 12 hours! A-Bomb scavenges ammonia to prevent “Muscle Cell Shrinkage” and super hydrates muscle cells with Intracellular Osmolarity effects to reduce muscle cell shrinkage and support anabolic muscle-building actions.
    • Who should take it?
    • Anyone looking to support anabolism all day, pack on lean muscle and reduce recovery time.*
    • How should I take it?
      • Take 4 tablets in the morning and 4 tablets in the evening
    • Did you know?
      • A-Bomb uses a patented 12-Hour Meter Dosed Technology to support your body’s anabolic muscle building state!

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